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An altered book is a form of three-dimensional mixed media artwork that takes an old book and transforms it through a variety of mediums and artmaking processes. Altered books have no limits; the artist has complete freedom to change and recreate the meaning or purpose of the book. I choose to include many mediums in my books, and typically use paint, pen, pencil, chalk, crayon, glue, collage, razor knife, image transfer, needle and thread, found objects, and basically anything I find that I feel would add to the diversity and creativity of my ideas.


I began working with altered books in graduate school at the University of Georgia as a part of an aesthetics in education course which emphasized the act of journaling and artmaking as authentic learning tools. I have incorporate these books into my daily life and the curriculum of my art I and art II introductory courses at the high school level, and overall, I have had great success with the works created. The following images are from books that I have completed and continue to work on. 

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