Ceramic Wall Hanging featuring off-white/light grey clay disks and twine; Custom Made to Order Large Scale home decor, rustic, handmade, neutral.

The ceramic wall hanging features multiple layered circular disks that creates an overall statement piece for an interior space. This unique decorative artwork is handmade and is made to order. The balance of the off-white (Grey Spice glaze) clay pieces alongside one another creates a pleasant, simple sculpture that can be displayed against any color of wall or wallpaper. 

Specifics of images: 8 ft x 4 ft (96 in X 48 in) white body ceramics disks, Grey Spice glaze finish, neutral twine. Ceramic disks measure 2.5 inches in diameter. Total ceramic disks included in overall pictured piece = 928 disks.

This piece may range in size and scale based on your preference or need. There are additional options listed for purchase, however, you may request a custom size, glaze finish, and cord material based on your space or aesthetic preference.

Additional smaller options include:

24 in x 24 in
48 in x 24 in
48 in x 48 in 
72 in x 48 in 

Please message shop owner with any questions, concerns, or custom requests.  Additional information about packaging and shipping may also be provided.

Important note: the purchase of a custom wall hanging will not include additional hardware or display supports for installation. Buyers are responsible for assembling and displaying the complete wall hanging in the space of their choice.

Ceramic Wall Hanging Artwork, Handmade