My name is Katherine Ingui and I am an artist educator living in Denver, Colorado. I work in the mediums of clay, paint, and pen/ink.


My background includes a BFA in Art/Art Education (2010) and an MA.Ed. in Art Education (2012), both from the University of Georgia. I researched creativity theories and influence in education as well as the everyday while in graduate school, which has greatly influenced my teaching and artmaking.


My love for clay began in my undergraduate studies while I was studying painting and drawing. I have been a practicing artist and art educator for 10 years and have maintained a strong balance of creating and teaching throughout my career.


Please feel free to contact me about any questions regarding my artwork or teaching philosophy.


Check out my Etsy shop for more information about custom artwork.


All photographs and visual art that appear on this website are the exclusive intellectual property of Katherine Ingui. They are protected by the U.S. Copyright Laws, and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the express approval of Katherine Ingui. Copyright 2013 Katherine Ingui All Rights Reserved.




Katherine Ingui creates handmade artwork, ceramic wall hangings, and custom interior artwork via her brand kingui Clay Objects.