As an artist, I myself to explore different mediums in my studio to push my development of artworks. It is a goal of mine within the work that I create to explore my personal voice through artmaking, which essentially pushes me to redefine what this means for me as an artist. I have extensively studied creativity and what it looks like for all kinds of people, and I continue to ask: why do we create? what inspires us to make new things? why do I have this drive, this need, this inspiration? And ultimately, how can I share this with others? I make art because it is what I do to maintain my sense of self as an individual. This has been the case since 2004, when I told myself: I will work hard so that I can ensure that my future involves me making art every day. 

     I make many things. I limit myself to no one medium, themes, or style. I take what inspires me in the moment and use it. I illustrate and compose accordion books; I journal by drawing and painting; I alter old books through various mixed media; I create clay jewelry and home decor pieces; I make pottery and functional clay objects; I draw and paint portraits; I create acrylic and ink abstracts; I take photographs of my travels; and I teach students how to do all of the above.