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"There is always some measure of adventure in the meeting of mind and universe, and this adventure is, in its measure, imagination"

John Dewey, Art As Experience, p. 278


As a visual arts professor, I am able to both facilitate and observe the power of imagination, creativity and experimentation of individuals who are willing to take risks and wonder through the lens of art and education. I have the honor of creating opportunities in order to empower future educators at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado. It is an experience unlike anything I have ever been giving the opportunity to take part in, and for this I am grateful.


I am an active part of the classroom environment and take pride in the leadership that I am able to provide through a variety of mediums. I am strongly convinced that the experiences we have in and outside of the classroom shapes who we are as individuals. I believe in the pragmatic philosophy of aesthetics, which supports that art should be a part of everyone's creative lives and that the integrity of art, culture, and everyday experiences should be encouraged and accessible to all members of society.

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